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Today as I was wandering around Nordstrom I was trying to get ideas for the trends for this spring. I love to watch the new fashion on the runway shows but I never see anyone wear outfits that wild, so I find its best to wander the expensive stores to see what is in style and then go to my favorite discount store to buy. Sometimes I find the exact same thing for half the price but usually it is something very similar. Last summer I saw a striped long dress that I just loved for $110 at a little boutique near my house but I was able to find a very similar dress at Marshalls for only $35 and if they were not next to each other you would never know the difference.

So for this spring I was wondering if mixed prints were still going to be worn together (which is a style that I love) and I’m so excited that this style is still in.



Also bright colors are still hot so all those bright colored jeans we have hanging are perfect for this spring.  Two things that can set off any outfit are a nice pair of shoes and a scarf. I wear jeans almost all the time and people frequently tell me that I am so well dressed. But I’m just wearing jeans, so if you put a pair of heals with your jeans and a scarf it will make all the difference. One other tip that I read not too long ago is the you should always try to have on at least a speck of red. It may be mixed in the print or you could just add a red bracelet. Red shoes are great and red heels with any pair of blue or black jeans are always a hit.

And don’t forget a bold handbag to make a statement with any outfit.



Happy dressing and talk to you soon.